Fine Kingdom

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App has been published on February 7, 2017!

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Fine Kingdom


This is a strategic encampment game.
Area of the player is red, enemy is green, neutral zone has been color-coded in white.
Expand the territory by victory on attack the enemy area repeatedly by the armed forces of yours.
The number of soldiers of each area will be continuing to increase in random on every turn.


Conditions for Win

If you wiped out the enemy, you win.
If your side were wiped out, you lose.

Status Quo...

About Combat

Combat is a simple subtraction.
Got the area if the number of your soldiers is more than the enemy’s, the less is as the same before.
In the case of having won the area, the area will remain soldiers number of the remainder obtained by subtraction.


How to Play

You will any wish tap from your area when your turn come.
Then the area will be activated.
You will be able to collect soldiers from the activated area.
Not be able to raise soldiers from the divided area of yours.
Soldiers can be collected only from your area which was linked to the first in yours was collected.
Attack soldiers will be increased one by one each time you tap.
You can also collect all the soldirers from the activated area when you tap the Collect ALL button.
The number of attack soldiers is displayed in the upper middle of the hex part.
You can attack the area adjacent to each other using the collected soldiers.
Its area is activated when you tap the area that you want to attack.
It can not attack if not adjacent to the area which has collected soldiers.
However, care must be taken because it is able to attack without soldiers.

Capture the Area!


Disruption of the area will significantly affect the balance of power.
You had better divide the enemy area strategically.

You Lose...

ENJOY THE Fine Kingdom!

Let’s fill the entire area to your color!


App has been published on February 7, 2017!

App Store Link »
Fine Kingdom