USAINU is the spirit of the season.



<Name> Honmaru
<Species> Usainu
<BirthDay> 18, Aug.
He is the hero of this Usainu story and this web site,
and he is an older brother on Usainu brothers.
He can fly in the sky with his ears.
We do not know whether he is awake or sleeping just by looking at his eyes.
His personality is kind and easygoing, optimist.
He may be slightly innate goofball…?


<Name> Hanamaru
<Species> Usainu
<BirthDay> 3, Mar.
A young brother of Usainu brother, Honmaru's real brother.
He has be sometimes mistaken for girls, but he is a indisputable boy.
He can not fly the sky yet, but maybe the jumping power is over the older brother?
His character is mischievous and a bit shor-tempered.
He seems to has a weakness for sweets.


<Common Name> uPanda
<Species> uPanda
<BirthDay> 30, Apr.
He first appeared
"Riding practice"
in USAINU Literary Calendar.
there is no name yet.
Just the rare animal called uPanda of the same kind of panda.
He likes bamboos very much, but he is omnivorous to eat anything.
He is a bit unpleasant look in his eyes, but he is fairly a good-hearted guy.


<Name> Sumomo
<Species> Human being
<Age> adolescent
The elder sister of the house with Usainu brothers and uPanda and so on living together.
she does not seem to be a guardian anything, though.
It seems that caring with saying-wise “Huh well, you guys…” makes them feel comfortable.
She is quite fashionably sensitive and often changes her hair style.


<Name> Momonosuke
<Species> Human being
<Age> Elementary school high school grade
Real younger brother of Sis Sumomo.
It’s a toss up between Hanamaru and him about mischievous and naughty.
Although frequently of being scolded by her sister becomes low
thanks to that those who live together is a hidden cloak,
I wonder if he has been helped.

Master Kappa

<Common Name> Master Kappa
<Species> Kappa
<Age> Born in Taika Reform of 645CE
Elder of the kappa-sphere,
and a excellent eyebrow and a beard are characteristic,
the tail which grew from the back shell also quite a mere superb one as seen in
in first appearance.
Since he is a kappa, his favorite is cucumber,
morever he loves drinking beyond that and he can not live without tokkuri which is sake bottle,
all the time.
Maybe it’s just me, the head of the cane that he always bring looks like croatian-head.
There is no water accident if you stay with Master Kappa!


<Common Name> Kotora
<Species> Dog
<Age> Same Age with Momonosuke
He has vagabondism,
and it is unclear whether he is a wanderer or someone's dog,
however Sumomo's home seems to be his base.
His face is a squared jaw and he has a mole on left eyebrow.
Though he is a manager of
BBS of this site
(under suspension)
as a guard dog,
most of his reply is useless.
Though he is tetchy Edo people temperament
and sometimes talking the way of Beranme tone is a little annoying,
please do not mind.

Shoosen Tsukamoto

<Common Name> Shoosen Tsukamoto
<Species> Human being
<BirthDay> 17, Jan.
Usainu author residing in Tohtoumi of the country.
He likes music, reading and coffee shops.