USAINU is the spirit of the season.



In the height of summer, peppers, edamame, eggplant, tomatoes, corn, okra, and so on, are just in the season, especially among them cucumber can be said to be representative,

There is also a straight line,
and an arc line drawn gently,
a turned-up one reminding a summer day, however,

its warts are healthy and they are fresh and green,
who are attracted by the unique fresh odor and come is none other than Master Kappa,

when he tear off the crop by his appetite and fill his mouth in wrong for his age
and smiling,
Honmaru the elder brother of Usainu appears,
and he does not like Master Kappa’s ass tail like a long hakama in the castle,
not sure if that’s why,
but he winds up his tail in while master’s crazy with cucumber,
he thinks it is true master’s figure which the tail curled to become a sphere,
he puts his tail on master’s tail and smiles nicely.
(8/14/2006 in Japanese 8/29/2017 to English)